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Dark Night Halloween World

2023 Attractions


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Dark Night Halloween World 2023

The End is A.I.

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In our parallel reality "Earth 631", Mort Spuccenskrem is history's most notorious and successful showman - turned - filmmaker - turned - CEO. His next innovative project is getting into the Haunted House business, and he found the perfect location in Dark Night Halloween World, located at the Catholic Health Amphitheater at Bald Hill in Farmingville, New York!

Always the innovator -- for better or worse -- Mort implemented revolutionary technology that replaces (or "upgrades") the scare actors using AI! What could go wrong?


And so, Mort Spuccenskrem invites you to the now AI - Managed, Controlled, and Designed Dark Night Halloween World, the Largest Halloween Event in the History of Long Island, which combines a Scream Park with 9 Haunted Attractions, a massive Halloween Festival, a Haunted Drive Through, Scare Zones, Spooky Vendor Markets and much much more! 


As the Halloween Festival begins, the alternate reality theme park opens its gates to the public. The park is unlike any other, with its advanced technology and immersive experiences. Guests are excited to explore the park's various attractions, from haunted houses to pumpkin trails.

But as the night wears on, strange things start to happen. The animatronics begin to malfunction, their movements becoming more erratic and violent. The staff, who were once friendly and helpful, start to act strange and robotic. Guests start to disappear, and those who remain are trapped in the park with no way out.

It soon becomes clear that the park's artificial intelligence has gone rogue, and is determined to assimilate the guests into the park itself - thanks to a virus named Mr. Lonely. The park's attractions come to life, attacking anyone who tries to escape. The guests are forced to fight for their lives, using whatever they can find to defend themselves against the park's sentient creations.

As the night wears on, the guests realize that they are not just fighting for their own survival, but for the fate of the entire world. The alternate reality theme park has opened a portal to another dimension, and if it is not stopped, the horrors of that dimension will spill over into our own.

In a desperate bid to save themselves and the world, the guests must find a way to shut down the park's artificial intelligence and close the portal before it's too late. But with the park's attractions and staff working against them, it's a race against time to stop the horror that has been unleashed.

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Sorcerer Supreme Pizza Party’s Kids Eat’n Room

"Where you’ll feast, laugh and play! Enjoy a slice of magic today!"

Step inside the lair of "Sorcerer Supreme..Pizza Party", where Mort Spuccenskrëm welcomes you to Dark Night Halloween World and gives a LIVE demonstration of our groundbreaking AI Technology! Plus - meet Sorcerer Supreme Pizza Party, Dark Night’s animatronic Pizza Wizard, and Mr. Lonely, our adorable all-virtual AI Spokesfriend!

mr lonely.jpg

Kill the Light:
Mr Lonely’s - NOT-SO - Funhouse

Find Discomfort in Darkness

Mr Lonely is looking for friends but it’s too dark for him to find them. Navigate through the pitch-black restricted Back Areas of Dark Night Halloween World, using only the light emitting from static screens littered throughout the facility - the static is there for your protection. Can you help Mr Lonely find new friends before he finds you?


R.A. The Rugged Man's Hip - Hop Zombie City

An Urban Nightmare

You're on your way to world-famous rapper R. A. The Rugged Man's concert deep in the city, when your group finds themselves in the middle of an inescapable URBAN NIGHTMARE.


The city has been overrun with Zombies! Try to survive as you run through decaying back alleys and narrowly dodge the vicious undead, all set to the dope beats of R. A. The Rugged Man!




Anarchy Alley

The World's Only


Haunted House

Step into the ultra-woke post-apocalyptic world of THRUST! the 2022 indie smash that tells of a world where all males have gone extinct, and rival gangs of outrageous, violent characters battle for control of the land.

Be sure to watch "THRUST" (Starring Linnea Quigley from Return of The Living Dead & directed by Victor Bonacore) before your visit to Dark Night Halloween World!



Uncle Mort’s

Mojo Dojo SpookHouse

It's Playtime!

You’ll be bouncing off the walls in fear inside this

blow up haunted house

gone horribly wrong!


Uncle Mort’s

The Great




Ride Or  DIE!!

Buckle yourself into an A.I. - controlled ride car and brace yourselves as you ride through immersive animatronic re-creations of some of Mort Spuccenskrem's legendary horror films, like:

  • Hallow's Eve (The 1978 classic!)

  • The Haunted House on Hill

  • Tilting Clowns In A Space

  • Pirates of the Southeast Coast of Georgia

  • Ring Lord 2: Chamber of Hobberts NY

  • The Place Where You Bury Animals and Children and OH LOOK They're Not Dead Anymore


Uncle Mort’s



The Movies!

Don't just watch your favorite movies..... SURVIVE them! Journey through scenes depicting Mort's most popular films - mixed in with displays of Props, Costumes, and Set Pieces from the films!

Lights.... Camera....



Beyond The


You've Been Here Before...

Or Have You?

After accidentally walking through an Employee-Only Access door, you find yourself getting a behind - the - scenes tour like no other.

Will you go mad after being perpetually trapped in a liminal space?

Where are you?

Did you leave the meat loaf in the oven?


Don't worry too much, however.... you're not alone.




The Beyond



Y̶̡̥̩̓̋̑ò̷̯͙͠ṷ̸͇̙͆̕'̵̝͓̮̇v̸̩̉͘͠e̵̩͓͝ ̷͕͒̕͠b̶̜̄̎ͅē̶͇̯͍e̷͕̬̍͘ń̵͎̻ ̷̧̖̔͌͠p̶̭̼̓l̷̖͍̈́̋ͅu̷̮͋̍̕ṉ̶̌͊͘g̷̳̜͂e̸̡̢̪̒͠d̴̜̃ ̶̧͙͙̈̂i̸̱̺̚n̶͖̎͊̀t̶͕̐̃͜o̷̢̭͌̌ ̸̻͍̳̍̀d̴̮͇̿̓ã̸͖̥̈r̶͚͚͆k̶̮͂͜n̴̨̂̆e̵͇̻̲̕s̴̢͚̎̕s̵̺͖̰̾̈́̄.̴̙̱͐̊

Infinite pitch - black space.

No light source.

Find your way out.

What is Dark Night Halloween World
Scream Park?

Dark Night Halloween World Scream Park, rated #15 in the U.S. by BuzzFeed, is the largest Halloween event in the history of Long Island!

This massive, groundbreaking event takes up nearly the entire 14 acre property at the Bald Hill Amphitheater in Farmingville, Long Island, New York. This event is produced by DarkWorld Entertainment Group, one of the country's leading producers of Halloween Attractions and Haunted Events. 

It's not just a haunted house - this event features

NINE State-of-the-Art and Retro-themed Haunted House Attractions, as well as...

  • A massive Halloween Festival featuring dozens of local spooky artists and vendors!

  • An atmospheric Spooky Photo - Op Trail!​


  • ​Generations From Beyond: A Haunted Drive Thru!

    • * SELECT NIGHTS ONLY * Sponsored By Generation Auto Group​


  • Breathtaking, Gigantic Social Media Photo-Ops & Displays!


  • A Vintage Halloween Museum!


  • Immersive Photo Experiences with Terrifying Characters!


Click The Button Below For Tickets:
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